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Our Service 

We capture your wedding from two different angles.  At the beginning,  when you are preparing for the wedding,  one of us spends time with the bride, and the other one spends time with the groom - capturing all the emotions and details!

Then,  during the ceremony and reception,  one of us is responsible for the formal or posed shots,   and the other one captures the "candid" moments,   so you get the best of both worlds!  One can never have enough photos of your wedding,  because it is one of the most important events of your life!

We live in a world where unfortunate things sometimes happen,  and in the unlikely event where one of us is not able to make it to your wedding,   then you have the peace of mind that there is still another one of us ready to shoot the wedding.

Now we get to the business part of it all - how much do we charge?  

Since every wedding is unique,   and every couple's needs are unique,  we prefer to quote you individually.  Our fee will include unlimited time and photos at your wedding.

Talk to us and let us work out a package to suit your needs - it will be quick and effortless so do not hesitate to contact us!



 Quick Facts:

We use professional Canon

photographic equipment

We always have backup

equipment at hand

We take unlimited photos at

your wedding

All photos are supplied on

disc in high resolution

We can assist with prints, and

the design & creation of

photo albums